How to Make a Hydrogen Generator 555 Timer Circuit

Instructions to build a Hydrogen Generator 555 Timer circuit are below. Parts list down further. Remember: this is ONLY to experiment with, not to power your car or your lawnmower! Well if you figure that out cool!

Safety First! Parts List Instructions PWM 555 Schematic Diagrams
Applications & Experiments Pictures
Build an Experimental Pulse Width Modulator to Produce Hydrogen?
Radio Shack Parts
Hydrogen Generator 555 Timer PWM Part from Radio Shack
555 Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) Circuit

If you can follow a schematic diagram, then you should be able build this. IMPORTANT!THESE HYDROGEN GENERATOR IDEAS & SCHEMATICS ARE SCIENCE PROJECTS TO EXPERIMENT WITH ONLY! Don't expect to power your car with them! Maybe, just maybe, you'll get them to help power your car. If you do, please tell me about it by writing some content to share with others on this website. Thanks! The video below is for illustration only. It is a video I found on YouTube demonstrating the Single Tube Meyer Tests (Lawton). I HAVE NOT produced that much hydrogen with the 555 timer circuit I built. In fact I wasn't really impressed with the amount of hydrogen produced with the 555 timer circuit. However, I feel someone will come across my website and figure out how to make the 555 timer circuit produce the amount of hydrogen people are hoping for. But, PLEASE DON'T EXPECT THE 555 TIMER CIRCUIT PRESENTED HERE TO PRODUCE LOTS OF HYDROGEN IN THE VIDEO ON THE LEFT. The hydrogen generator 555 timer circuit I built and demonstrate is for entertainment and experimenting purposes only. My hope is that my website will inspire people to improve upon the 555 timer circuit and other methods that I present. Thank you.

At a later time, I will provide step by step instructions with pictures. Eventually, I'm building this 555 square wave oscillator circuit around the IRF510 MOSFET and TLC555 low-power timer integrated circuits. Why? Because that is what Radio Shack had at the time. Finally! - I located some free plans for the MOSFET IRF510

In the next couple of days I'll be building the circuit. TO THE LEFT IS THE GOAL! Is it possible? Can it be a reality? I hope so! Watch the video below for a basic 555 timer circuit with LED's to verify that the circuit is working. Produces hydrogen - but not good enough - yet

Very Basic 555 Timer Hydrogen Generator Testing

VERY IMPORTANT! My hand drawn schematic is what I'm talking about in the video just above it.

Share Your Own Technical Explanation!

In the Future we will be exploring the items below this sentence. If anyone knows of a working hydrogen generator 555 timer circuit with a MOSFET IRF510 that can actually produce a lot of hydrogen with 2 pencils or with other parts for a working hydrogen generator, please contact me - thanks!

Free Plans for the MOSFET IRF510

FULL PARTS LIST with Radio Shack Part Numbers for the BUZ 350 (Dave Lawton Circuit)

Hydrogen Generator Parts List Summary IRF510 Power MOSFET Transistor - Still trying to find a good schematic
UPDATE! After much research I found these free plans for the MOSFET IRF510

TLC555 Low-Power Timer IC
IRF510 Power MOSFET Transistor
Breadboard to prototype your circuit
POT (Potentiometer Variable Resistors)
Alligator Clips
Test Leads
"AA" Batteries/Holder/Fuse/Fuse Holder

PWM 555 Schematic Diagrams

If you'd like to build the Dave Lawton remake of Stanley Meyer's dual 555 oscillator circuit to try and produce hydrogen, go ahead and try it. BUT PLEASE, THIS IS FOR EXPERIMENTING WITH ONLY - DON'T EXPECT IT TO POWER YOUR CAR. THAT IS UNPROVEN TO MY KNOWLEDGE. Please let me know how it turns out, whether it works or not! I don't have all of the parts, so I haven't built it yet.

You can order the BUZ350 MOSFET from Mouser Electronics. You can't get it from Radio Shack.

I'm still researching to locate a design for the IRF510 MOSFET to work with the TLC555 Timer. Why? Because you can easily get that MOSFET, 555 timer, resistors, capacitors, etc. from your local Radio Shack. This would allow you to build your hydrogen generator circuit faster to test it out. However, The BUZ is more powerful and can handle more current.

If you want to try the dual 555 timer circuit below, you'll have to order the BUZ 350 MOSFET. I might have to design a dual 555 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) circuit or just use a 556 timer circuit with the IRF510. To clarify, the 556 oscillator chip, has two 555 circuits in one IC (Integrated Circuit). But I'll have to do some heavy thinking on how to do it. I apologize for not having an outstanding original circuit for you. Alas, it's been many years since I was in Digital Electronics and Power Electronics at Weber State University in Utah.

Dave Lawton remake of Stanley Meyer 555 timer Hydrogen Generator
Stanley Meyer Dual 555 MOSFET BUZ 350 Schematic

Applications & Experiments

What can I do with this circuit that I've built? Please - Safety First!

Disclaimer: By visiting this website, you realize you are doing so at your own risk. The intent of this website is for informational purposes only.


  • Supplemental on demand unit for my car?
  • Hydrogen Generator Experimenting
  • Impressing yourself and your friends
  • Science fair projects
  • Satisfaction from a diy project (do it yourself)

FULL PARTS LIST with Radio Shack Part Numbers

Standby for a couple of days. I'll be adding all the parts here for easy reference
Radio Shack P/NPartQTY
276-1718TLC555 Low-Power Timer IC (LinCMOS Timer)2
276-2072IRF510 Power MOSFET Transistor N-Channel 60 Volt1

Pictures of Parts

Potentiometer For Your Hydrogen Generator PWMPOT (Variable Resistor)

Safety First!
Watch this Video and Be Very Careful!

Disclaimer: By visiting this website you realize you are doing so at your own risk. The intent of this website is for informational purposes only. In other words, I'm not responsible if you blow yourself up! Just be careful and remember SAFETY FIRST! Please!
"Alright Mom - quit telling me what to do!" :))

Internal Workings of a 555 Timer

The graphic above shows the internal circuitry of the 555 timer in action. You can see it has digital logic control units, an NPN transistor and a few resistors. Of course it's more complicated than that, but I thought it would be cool to kind of see what it does inside of the 555 Timer IC (Integrated Circuit) :)

Note: The 555 IC includes 23 transistors, 2 diodes and 16 resistors on a silicon chip installed in an 8-pin mini dual-in-line package (DIP-8).

"The simplest way to generate a PWM signal is the intersective method, which requires only a sawtooth or a triangle waveform (easily generated using a simple oscillator) and a comparator. When the value of the reference signal is more than the modulation waveform, the PWM signal is in the high state, otherwise it is in the low state." - Source Wikipedia

555 Timer Oscillates Square Wave Signals

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