How to Integrate a Simple Hydrogen on Demand System into Your Car

Hydrogen on Demand is basically producing pure hydrogen and oxygen gas at the point of use.  HOD is not new and it is intriguing to note that the adoption of technologies in hydrogen generation at the point of use has been very slow considering the potential of hydrogen to replace the fossil fuel currently being used.

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HOD systems produce hydrogen and oxygen in gaseous form called HHO which is highly combustible. 

Today HHO have a lot of uses and experiments on systems are being conducted to run vehicles with some very successful results.

In the automotive industry HHO is commonly use to supplement current fuel and is claimed to increase mileage fro 15% - 65% depending on the automobile, and reduced carbon emission.

See a video that shows HOD system integrated into the car's mechanism.

Hydrogen on demand system or technologies are also used by fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles.

And, by building this page, I just realized how simple the concept is. I wonder how far are we from being smart? For saving money for gas, increasing mileage and saving the environment?

Here's a quite complete video on how to construct an HOD system.

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 of 3

Video 3 of 3

Videos shown above from mikejetmore as how he followed the water4gas manual.

Making use of the system (same concept of HHO gas generation) in welding applications.

In this case, the resulting hydroxy gas (hydrogen and oxygen) is burned by the welding torch, also called a water torch since as the hydrogen and oxygen gas bond it emits steam and H2O.

Watch this very controversial video here..

The point here is that HOD systems work and it does draw HHO from water as shown in the videos above.

Well, just be smart. Do your own research.

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